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ANNUITIES: Tax deferred savings with tax-advantaged income guaranteed for the lifetime of the buyer.

FIXED ANNUITIES: These offer guaranteed interest rates backed by the financial strength of the insurance company (guarantee is based on the issuer's ability to pay).

VARIABLE ANNUITIES: These offer a wide range of investment options:

1) Managed by institutional managers

2) Investment Flexibility

3) Variable lifetime income


Business Continuation

BUY-SELL AGREEMENTS: Review, analysis of your business, and implementation of instruments needed to pass the successful business venture to future generations, partners, or stockowners


Health Insurance

DISABILITY & LONG TERM CARE INSURANCE: Insurance solutions are available to protect your income and lifestyle, complemented by our service.

Disability insurance protects individuals and their families from the financial impact of accidents, illness, and injury. Available to individuals, business-owners, key employees, and for buy-sell purposes.

LTC Long Term Care insurance offers a wide selection of coverage options which can be tailored to meet individual needs, family situations, and budgets. With the rising number of people who need help with the activities of daily life, the importance of long term care cannot be underestimated.

We provide state approved literature, quotes, illustrations, and guidance in the selection of benefits and companies.

We offer individual and group medical, dental and life benefits as well as self-insured or partially self-insured plans.


Life Insurance

TERM LIFE: With many life insurance companies to select from, we offer a broad range of term life insurance plans for every personal and business need. Lowest cost plans are available and you get an agent to ask specific questions for free.

VARIABLE LIFE: Variable Life - New generation of products that offer financial flexibility, added benefits, and key features to help fit into today's investment world.

Benefits include:

  • Death Benefit Options
  • Numerous investment options
  • Institutional managers
  • Fixed account options
  • Dollar Cost averaging
  • Variable premium payment schedules

UNIVERSAL LIFE: Large selection of highly rated insurance companies to choose from.

We provide point of sales brochures to help answer client questions and aid in their decisions. The material clearly explains each product's key features and how these products will fit into your lives.

Buying life insurance on the internet takes more than several mouse clicks to make a good decision. We will work with you to assess your needs and goals, as well as develop the best strategy to meet those needs and goals. We will help you consider what type of policy to buy, from which company to buy from, and how much coverage your family actually needs.



  • Key-man insurance
  • Bonus plans
  • Split-Dollar Plans
  • Reverse Split-Dollar plans
  • Non-qualified deferred compensation
  • Life insurance retirement plans


  • Personal Needs
  • Estate plans
  • Survivor life
  • Wealth Transfer Plans
  • Charitable Gifts
  • Insurance Trust plans


Charitable Giving

HELP TO ACHIEVE FINANCIAL AND PHILANTHROPIC GOALS: Charitable giving plays an important role in improving the quality of life for Americans. Because of this, Congress has granted favorable tax treatment for charitable donations since 1917.

We offer assistance in evaluating your particular needs to determine the advantages of giving to a public or private charity.

Whatever your need, charitable giving improves lives!


Estate Planning

DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF ESTATE PLANNING: Typical estate owners spend over 80,000 hours accumulating wealth, and only a few hours planning for the conservation and distribution of their estate.

The tools and techniques used to carry out an estate plan include: wills, trusts, distribution arrangements, liquidity planning, and irrevocable life insurance trusts. Charitable gift giving (see Charitable Giving) also play an important role.

We can offer you insight to various plans and techniques that not only will save your family tax dollars, but will make you feel good after your selection. And that is exactly what people want from their estate plan: to feel happy and comfortable with their ultimate distribution of assets.





  • Quantitative Analysis to Determine Needs
  • Extensive Research & Review
  • Quality Insurance Companies (A+ Rated)
  • Annual Reviews


  • Systematic Reviews to offer quality benefits at lower costs
  • Frequent Visits to ensure professional service
  • Extensive research in tax, insurance and related areas for the small business owner



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